Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Our Motto
"It is great to be great but it's greater to be human. We feel that teaching should never only be concerned with subject knowledge but it always should comprise of 'Enhancement of personality & Inculcation of moral values' along with specialization field knowledge. "Have goals, they give direction purpose & meaning to life".
A Word from principal's desk
When I close my eyes to visualise the journey of time, I find myself standing at the door steps of year 1981, when I appeared in the corridor of GWPC, Jaipur as an aspiring student, young, shy and eager to learn and learn. Today with open eyes, I find myself Principal of the same college. This complete sequence of thoughts expresses my deep-rooted link with this college. Right from the beginning of my career as a student, I feel "Creativity" is what connected me to GOD, every moment it exists unceasingly. Our students from various streams come every year with a thirst to learn. to create, to succeed and then to foray happily into their respective fields. The glimpses of their work, tell the story of their success in imbibing technical skills to draw forth their innate creativity. I being a teacher would like to convey my sincere wishes and admiration for the work presented by the students, depicting the musical ragas & taals of the world of art. Our students are our Gems and we staff members as a family are always inspiring them to beautify, to create, to construct, to manage and to train.
"Government Women Polytechnic College, Gandhi Nagar Jaipur is a pioneer women polytechnic college in Rajasthan established in year 1981 by the government of Rajasthan under department of technical education, Rajasthan. The institute has twin three storied building comprising of classrooms well equipped laboratories, computer labs, seminar hall, exhibition display rooms, administrative block etc. Apart from this the hostel facility is also available for residing 68 students. Availability of play ground, indoor games facilities, open stage etc. are the basics amenities which iinculcate the extra curricular culture in the students.